Shield Breaker

Adamantine Corrosive Keen Aldori Dueling Sword +1

weapon (melee)

Adamantine- Ignores hardness up to 20.
Keen- Critical Range is doubled.
Aldori Dueling Sword- 1d8+1 +1d6 acid 17-20 crit range x2 damage.
Hardness 22, Hit points 23

Shield Breaker has a fledgling intelligence contained within it. This intelligence is aware of events that occur within 30 feet of it as if it had blindsight and can communicate with any being within close proximity to it by projecting emotions. It is Neutral Good and will work with any Good aligned wielder. Currently it can cast the following spells but its power will grow along side the sword’s.
All spells are CL 10
3/day Divine Favor
3/day Weapons against Evil
ego 13

Shieldbreaker has the following additional abilities:
Perception 10
Grants wielder the Improved Sunder Feat while using Shield Breaker

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Shield Breaker

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