Varnhold NPCs

Lord Maegar Varn- An ex swordlord who has left the sword pact and returned to his original last name upon forming his kingdom, Lord Maegar Varn is a blunt man. At the old age of 49 he has lived a harsh life as a Mercenary Captain, heading his own company since he was 24. Used to military campaigns he tends to err towards the side of violence though in truth he looks forward to a day where he can set down his sword and live in peace while spoiling grandchildren.

Holly Varn- Daughter of Maegar Varn, Holly was raised in camp after her mother was killed. Despite the rough upbringing, she is as well mannered and educated as any lady of Restov. She is seen as a daughter to most of the older members of Varn’s company and a mascot to the newer ones. At the age of 16 she is entering in to womanhood, and already shows promise to be a great beauty.

Ravaen Brintinstock- Owner of Brintinstock farms, Ravaen is known to be a horticultural genius. His farms have single handedly saved Varnhold from starvation as centaurs, wyverns, and manticores ravage the fledgling kingdom.

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Varnhold NPCs

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