The Steel Hands


Level 10 + Charisma 16 (+3) = Base Leadership 13
Great Renown +2 Fairness +1 Cohort different alignment -1 Home Base +2
Total Leadership score = 17: 30 1st, 3 2nd, 1 3rd, 1 4th


4th Level
Captain Jon Marthan, Guard Commander of the Orlafskygrad City Guard [Fighter 4, Tactician Archetype]. Ever since his kobold partner died heroically in the fight against the enraged land spirit Talonquake Jon has been the second in command of the city guard of Orlafskygrad. With the addition of new cities into the kingdom of Kamenar Lord Nikolai can no longer oversee Orlafskygrad personally and command of the guard has been given to Jon. While Jon has been doing a lot of the day to day running of the guard anyway given that Nikolai is often out of the city attending to other matters or overseeing the Aldori Fist school this formal transition has added a few new duties to the new Captain’s plate. Unlike most other high ranking members of the Steelhands Captain Jon is not actually a member of the Aldori Fist school. Like all Steelhands he still wears a gauntlet on his left hand when in public (it’s not practical for desk work) though without the coloration and signets upon the gauntlet that adorn those of the Novices and Adepts of the Aldori Fist.

3rd Level
Captain Gregori Aldori, Guard Commander of the Varnhold City Guard [Fighter 3, Swordlord Archetype]. Gregori Aldori is the most skilled of the students of the Aldori Fist school and was rewarded for his diligence with a posting to be the new Guard Captain of Varnhold when that city was annexed into Kamenar. Gregori is the only student of the Aldori school to earn the rank of Mithral Fist other than Lucita Aldori herself. While he could never understand why Captain Jon never joined Lord Nikolai’s school or his fascination with the kobold guardsmen he still holds the Captain of Orlafskygrad in the highest respect and has used Captain Jon as his guide for how to run the Varnhold Guard.

2nd Level
Lieutenant Grak [Fighter 1, Rouge 1]. Grak is the highest ranking Kobold guardsman, and the only one without a human partner (Lieutenants don’t have partners). Like all Kobold Guardsman he is stationed in Orlafskygrad.

Guardsman Jason Aldori [Fighter 1, Monk 1 Master of Many Styles Archetype]. While only a Guardsman in the City Guard of Orlafskygrad Jason is the highest ranking Adept in the school of the Aldori Fist. With Gregori Aldori stationed in Varnhold it is Jason’s job to run the school and see to the Novices when both Lord Nikolai and Lady Lucita are away from the city.

Patrol Commander Aaron Blackstone [Rouge 2, Investigator Archetype]. Aaron is former escaped slave, and a former thief. His roguish background and talent with traps has made his the most popular human guardsmen among the kobolds.

1st Level
20 of these are Orlafsky City Guardsmen, 10 are Varnhold City Guards.
25 are Human Fighter 1, 5 are Kobold Rouge 1. The Kobolds are all Orlafsky City Guards.
Of the humans 20 are Novices of the Aldori Fist school, the other 5 are just good guards.

The Steel Hands

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