Order of Pharasma


Leadership Score: 19
10 (Level)
7 (Charisma)
2 (Great Renown)
2 (Base of Operations)
1 (Special Power)
-2 (Afonya)
-1 (Cohort of different alignment)

Ophelia Amery: Cleric 5 (Domains: Healing, Knowledge)
Master of Birth
[Description Pending]

Tenkhala Omen Speaker: Oracle 4 (Mystery: Ancestors; Curse: Clouded Sight)
Master of Prophecy
An indispensable member of the Order, Tenkhala possesses not only an eye for the future, but the wisdom to apply it. This aging woman strikes a foreboding image: covered in a full-body tattoo of bones falling in a spiral, she’s typically given a wide berth by most of Kamenar’s citizenry, a situation she seems to prefer. Though she speaks little, what few words she does utter tend to make even the most headstrong be still and reverent. Once a prominent member of the Shoanti Shoan-Quah tribe, she was known and respected for delivering controversial, if unfailingly accurate, prophecies. Unfortunately, her foretelling of the chief’s imminent decline and replacement raised the ire of said chief, prompting her immediate exile. Ironically (and, to Tenkhala, inevitably), that very proclamation raised many in the tribe against him, inciting a brief but bloody coup ending in the chief’s demise. Today, Tenkhala spends most of her time in meditation, only occasionally leaving the shrine to personally deliver unnervingly specific advice; rumors abound of a farmer who scoffed at her advice not to plow a specific portion of his field, only to be ripped to pieces by the angry swarm of rats emerging hungrily from their hollow beneath.

Cameron Amery: Ranger 1/Inquisitor 2 (Favored Enemy: Undead; Inquisition: True Death)
Master of Death
[Description Pending]


Order of Pharasma Description

Order of Pharasma

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