Silver Griffon Knights

Alexi's Followers


Level 10 + Charisma 18 (+4) = Base Leadership 14
Great Renown +2
Fairness & Generosity +1
Special Power +1
Orlovskygrad +2
Mount -2

Leadership Score – 18
35 1st Level, 3 2nd Level, 1 3rd Level, 1 4th Level.

4th Level
Sir Reginald Massey [Human Cavalier 4] was a former Eagle Knight of Andor. However, military politics and differences in the ranks caused him to leave, pursuing a life of a wandering lance. He found himself in a small town named Orlovskygrad, and housed up there, taking small missions here and there. A few months after settling down, Reginald was called to arms as a troll army started to attack some outlaying farms. Reginald’s lance proved invaluable to the cause, and was able to become a draftee again when another army attacked. He survived the battle known as Corvax’s bridge (Is that the name?) and got back home, bruised and battered. In the attack of Talonquake, his lance wasn’t nearly as effective, but he still fought as he could. Eventually, the call rang out from Duke Alexi Orlovsky, calling for the best lances in the land. Reginald found himself besting the other candidates and found himself knighted and Captain of the newly founded Silver Griffon Knights. He also happens to be the top scorer on the Gold scrimmage team of the Orlovsky Polo Team.

3th Level
Sir Elwood the Touched [Half-Elf Empyreal Knight 3] is a Paladin of Iomeade. Fighting for what’s just and rightous, he eagerly accepted a role in fighting against the troll incursion against the farms. As the archers were readying themselves to attack with flaming arrows, Elwood leapt forward to meet the oncoming horde. He fought as arrows rained down around him, his armor dented, his skin scorched. But he fought aside a troll. He did not get to serve in the battle of Corvax’s Bridge, but answered the Silver Griffon call. He serves as Sir Massey’s second in command, and his second in other matters. Elwood has a wife that aspires to be apprentice at the up and coming Kamanarian Magical Academy.

3rd Level
Karla Miandra [Tiefling Weapon Master Fighter 3] is the Quartermaster of the Griffon Knights. She escaped slavery from Cheliax and has familiarized herself with many weapons and styles of fighting. While not out practicing with the Knights, she tends to the horses and weapons, finding solace with those not judging her.

2nd Level
Justinian Falcone [Halfling Cavalier 1/ Ranger 1] has been a founding citizen of Kamenar. His trusty dog and shortbow have proven invaluable in the fights that has involved the Silver Griffons. He is the secretary of the Silver Griffons, and manages all of the financial and personnel situations.

Fayne Talina [Elven Cleric of Erastil 2] is a new immigrant into the lands of Kamanar. She brings the help and support of Erastil into the Silver Griffons. While not exercising with the troops, she spends time with the farmers out in the fields, and has a small grapevine in the Vineyard.

Mahasi Tiolento [Human Sohei 2] is a from the eastern side of Golarion. He knows the honor and pride it is to accept Kamenar as his country and he fights for the glory it provides.

1st Level
35 Members of the Silver Griffion Knights. Many know what a lance is, and where to point it on the charge.


Silver Griffon Knights

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